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We thank you for the attention you are giving us.

In this document, we present our group, our strengths, our activities.

Our team

We are a group united by the desire to create a community that is also an investment group on valid projects.

I start by introducing Fry, our community manager.

Nerd since birth, like the other members of the group he has been in the world of cryptocurrencies since 2017. In his curriculum vitae, he boasts great collaborations, from the latest Covalent project to past projects that have seen the light thanks to the Binance Launchpad. Ambassador and great communicator, he manages to stand out for his great human relationship and remarkable spirit of initiative.

Crypto Queen, our superwoman, is a Social Media expert, and an excellent communicator. Her tweets are our lighthouse and it is also thanks to her that we have taken shape. Indispensable and balanced, she is our network support.

Finally, Lu, an expert in trading and historical book of the crypto-world, has a team of active shillers who help to collect subscriptions and interest on Telegram. She is the main interface with customers, being one who helps them to distinguish us from the many who boast ability but demonstrate zero.

Our Activities

Our work focuses on Twitter and Telegram where the crypto world is more present, a direct consequence of past Facebook and other Social company’s bans.

Our customers have very high visibility on these groups thanks to the daily tweets from our profile of over 13,700 followers and the pinned messages in our main Telegram chat.

Corollary, a team of shillers made up of several people is active in other great chats and launches interesting messages that stimulate curiosity and collect interest.

Finally, our AMAs sessions.

Our AMAs are very popular. Our users are able to ask up to 800 questions!
The prizes up for grabs encourage participation.
An internal bot makes competition fair and transparent by deleting generic questions already asked in other AMA sessions on other groups.
We manage to have up to 2000 users online for each AMA, making it an excellent springboard for the marketing sessions of our affiliated projects.

Our partnerships

Our team is strong and has long-standing partnerships with major launchpads and investment groups.
Here are the longest-lasting partnerships:
- BSCPad;
- Basics Capital;
- Oddiyana ventures;
- Red Kite (PolkaFoundry);
- Echo;
- Seedify;
- CinchBlock.

More partnerships are coming!

Our channels




We thank you again for your kind attention and we invite you to continue following us!

Gem Detectors Team.



Gem Detectors

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