AMA Recap with Sidus Heroes

Host: Today we have Mr. Antony Checo — Chief of External Affairs at SIDUS: The city of NFT Heroes

Host: Glad to have you here at GEM Detectors! Let’s start this AMA by letting you introduce yourself and the Sidus Heroes Team. What’s your background in crypto and how many people are behind the project?

Host: Wow…200 people working on this project. Best team seen so far. I see this project has a superb team with lot of experience both in game industry and crypto world.

Host: Can you give us a short introduction of the project? What are the main features of Sidus Heroes?

Host: Very well, I think SIDUS has all the nice ingredients that keep the imagination running

Let’s deep dive into the game. The most innovative thing is that players can choose any role for themselves. How can a player interact with the game?

Host: So cool! That’s a serious entertainment that will make you seated for long periods of time

Something addictive, I can only imagine how much work went into it.

Host: Let’s talk about Sidus Heroes tokenomics. What’s the economics of SIDUS?
How about the two native tokens: $SIDUS and $SENATE?

Host: I’ve read that economic incentives are desgined in a such way that players would wish to spend at least 3 years participating in the game because of its earning model.

Host: This is truly something that will hold high attention around this project for a long time

SIDUS can be defined as “an NFT oriented game”

You have a wide variety of NFTs in the game: ship, pet, clothing or even a whole planet. How do you interact with them in the game?

Host: Metaverse is the next megatrend that has enormous growth potential.

Host: The NFT Heroes catalogue is immense

Let’s speak about WEBGL. Can you explain what this technology is and why it is so innovative and so disrupting to bring SIDUS to another level?

Host: That’s a great innovation. Building also a game that would be globally accessible without the need for a high-end PC or the latest gaming console.

What are the competitive advantages of SIDUS over other play-to-earn games?

Host: This is one of the reasons the hype around your project is insane

Can you tell us about your roadmap, partnership and your backers?

Host: Yep, will be like a DAO societies with user votes cast

Host: You didn’t mention it, but SIDUS is backed by the best of the crypto industry.

Host: We can’t wait. It will certainly be a worldwide success 🚀

You should absolutely try your best to get into SIDUS IGO. If not, you can try to grab it when the project lists.



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