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Host: let’s start this AMA on GEM Detectors 💎

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Host: Today we have Mr. Antony Checo — Chief of External Affairs at SIDUS: The city of NFT Heroes

Anthony: Good day everyone! Pleasure being in here.

Host: Glad to have you here at GEM Detectors! Let’s start this AMA by letting you introduce yourself and the Sidus Heroes Team. What’s your background in crypto and how many people are behind the project?

Anthony: Thank you for showing interest in our project. My name’s Antony. My role in the SIDUS HEROES development process is Chief of External Affairs. It is my responsibility to build up a network of project supporters and find ways for us to collaborate and bring more value to our communities.

I have over 6 years of experience in strategic management. In 2017, I got into crypto and since then, I have helped over 30 projects to build a development strategy and achieve their goals.

Overall, the SIDUS HEROES team counts more than 200 full-time employees that come from different domains, countries and backgrounds :) The SIDUS NFT HEROES team features a large number of highly skilled blockchain developers, with years of experience in building DeFi and NFT products. Many members of the SIDUS team come from the game development industry and are skilled in applying cutting-edge technologies and multimedia solutions. You can meet our core members on the website in the section ‘About Us’.

Host: Wow…200 people working on this project. Best team seen so far. I see this project has a superb team with lot of experience both in game industry and crypto world.

Anthony: Thx

Host: Can you give us a short introduction of the project? What are the main features of Sidus Heroes?

Anthony: SIDUS HEROES is the first ever WebGL, AAA-level, Play-to-Earn, NFT and MMORPG game. Simply put, SIDUS HEROES is a high-quality gaming metaverse that offers breathtaking scenarios and multiple earning opportunities that can all be accessed from a browser in one click.

The SIDUS game offers multiple play modes. Players can demonstrate their skills in the Battle Arena, fighting one-on-one or in teams of three players and three pets. Users can switch between PvP and PvE combat to get the most out of the game. Then there’s a space exploration mode: players can travel through the metaverse, discover new planets and initiate the colonization process. Some Heroes might prefer to master certain professions or develop resources, while others go into politics.

As for the economic model, SIDUS HEROES is building an advanced economic system and production chain. The game is based on a ‘play-to-earn’ model, so players are rewarded for making advancements through the game and achieving new milestones.

Host: Very well, I think SIDUS has all the nice ingredients that keep the imagination running

Let’s deep dive into the game. The most innovative thing is that players can choose any role for themselves. How can a player interact with the game?

Anthony: Yes, SIDUS HEROES offers gaming scenarios for any taste. Users can choose any role (or combination of roles) for themselves.

Players can devote themselves to fighting in the Arena, competing in tournaments and getting ahead of everyone in the ratings.

Others will choose to be farmers and grinders who mine and collect resources from mines, fields or while traveling through space and then sell them on the marketplace for coins. Heroes can upgrade their gear by merging NFTs of the same quality, produce items from raw materials, collect wood and herbs,and catch monsters from the local fauna.

Players can also opt to master a profession in which they will have the freedom to express themselves in a craft that is maybe no longer in demand in the real world. Skilled manufacturers will craft equipment (like spaceships) and the components for them (e.g. ammunition, weapons and medicine). SIDUS HEROES will also give players the chance to become scientists, navigation officers, scouts, mechanical engineers, bio-engineers or anyone else.

Those born to lead can participate in the political life of SIDUS. They can create parties and factions, participate in Council elections and have real power and influence over the future development of the game.

Host: So cool! That’s a serious entertainment that will make you seated for long periods of time

Something addictive, I can only imagine how much work went into it.

Anthony: Giant amount for sure 🔥

Host: Let’s talk about Sidus Heroes tokenomics. What’s the economics of SIDUS?
How about the two native tokens: $SIDUS and $SENATE?

Anthony: The game will have two native tokens — SIDUS and SENATE. SENATE is the governance token. Users holding this token will be able to express their political views and influence the development of the project. Voting power will be proportionate to the number of tokens each user has. SENATE will also be used for purchasing accelerators and consumables, which make the gameplay more effective and productive. SIDUS, on the other hand, is a gaming token that will also be widely used within the game, in the SIDUS marketplace and other in-game services.

In general, a player goes through 3 economic loops. Going through each loop, players develop their Heroes’ functionality and features. In the first stage, Heroes interact with property, stations, trade goods in the marketplace, take part in battles and receive rewards for winning, as well as other earning activities.

In the second stage of development, players discover a new economic aspect — a competitive financial battle. This is where Heroes compete in elimination tournaments, earn ratings points and win loot boxes at the end of each season. Loot boxes usually include exclusive content that players can use to upgrade their gameplay or sell in the marketplace.

Coming to the third economic loop, SIDUS Heroes will discover additional options. Players can travel to and buy planets, fight monsters, upgrade their Heroes and their items.

It takes years to go through all the economic loops, master a profession, purchase land and build well-functioning infrastructure on it.

Host: I’ve read that economic incentives are desgined in a such way that players would wish to spend at least 3 years participating in the game because of its earning model.

Anthony: That’s the one ;)

Host: This is truly something that will hold high attention around this project for a long time

SIDUS can be defined as “an NFT oriented game”

You have a wide variety of NFTs in the game: ship, pet, clothing or even a whole planet. How do you interact with them in the game?

Anthony: Just like with any other NFT. Players can trade them on the marketplace or use them within the game, for example, to upgrade a Hero they already own or make the gameplay more efficient and productive. Players will be able to rent their land and property out and make an income out of it. If you buy a plot of land (which is also an NFT), you can build infrastructure on it, mine resources, make it public for other users, restrict access to it and charge others for visiting it.

The SIDUS HEROES metaverse will also include SIDUS Farming, an NFT yield farming service that allows users to earn additional rewards for staking their holdings.

Host: Metaverse is the next megatrend that has enormous growth potential.

Anthony: Absolutely.

Host: The NFT Heroes catalogue is immense

Let’s speak about WEBGL. Can you explain what this technology is and why it is so innovative and so disrupting to bring SIDUS to another level?

Anthony: Sure, WebGL is utilized for rendering interactive 3D graphics within compatible web browsers, without the need for additional plugins or instruments. Basically, SIDUS HEROES utilizes a proprietary gaming graphics engine that enables unmatched HD rendering quality right inside a user’s browser. It allows our team to create a game that players don’t need to download onto their phone, PC or any other device. Players can simply enter the game’s URL and the game is restored from the metadata that’s held with their profile, stored on their NFT.

The use of WebGL technology makes the SIDUS game available to a large audience. Users who have been previously priced out of blockchain gaming (along with its many earning opportunities) can now gain access to this world. It also saves players a lot of time and lowers the entry barrier. Users don’t need to wait for the game to download, install updates or bother about storage and device specs.

WebGL also provides the development team with the freedom to create. The only limit is our own imagination. Our developers don’t have to send the game to AppStore or Google Play for approval each time they update something. WebGL games are more flexible and scalable.

Host: That’s a great innovation. Building also a game that would be globally accessible without the need for a high-end PC or the latest gaming console.

What are the competitive advantages of SIDUS over other play-to-earn games?

Anthony: There are too many blockchain gaming projects that deploy sketchy methods and pyramid schemes. These projects’ in-game tokens continue to grow in value, until an influx of new users buy up assets and the hope of making a profit dries up. At some point, their players’ trust is undermined and their in-game assets enter a negative trend. Players are left without a chance to recoup their investments. Our team aims to break this pattern.

SIDUS HEROES is creating a complex economic system that’s based on a limited emission of resources and encourages broad utilization of its native tokens (even outside the game) to incentivize and reward players for the time and energy they spend playing. In the future, SIDUS HEROES plans on launching DeFi products and a launchpad. Players will participate in token sales of other projects according to their advancement within the game. The variety of additional DeFi products and services will attract more players to the game.

Another feature that makes SIDUS HEROES stand out is the team’s approach to creating a long-lived project with the longest possible operational period and multiple scenarios, each based on a ‘play-to-earn’ model. If a player is bored of fighting in the Battle Arena, they can become a scientist and develop technologies or go into politics and create a party. The options are endless.

Host: This is one of the reasons the hype around your project is insane

Can you tell us about your roadmap, partnership and your backers?

Anthony: Sure, we have a detailed 5-year roadmap that contains key milestones for each quarter. In Q1 2022, for example, we plan on launching a beta version of the game. On Jan 10th, it’ll be available for the holders of NFTs from the SIDUS Genesis collection. Starting from Jan 23rd, users holding NFTs from the Genesis and Academy collection will have access to the game.

Anyone interested in the project and the goals we are aiming for, can go to the SIDUS HEROES website under the ‘Documents’ section and see the detailed roadmap.

I also want to mention that on our way, we will also be listening to the community and how they see the development of the game unfolding. One of the ways for players to influence development is by participating in Council elections or putting forward issues for the Council to discuss.

Host: Yep, will be like a DAO societies with user votes cast

Anthony: We will present our native SENATE and SIDUS tokens on December 15th on 7 different platforms — BLOKPAD, Ignition, TrustPad, SpaceSwap, Red Kite, GameFI and Seedify. We will present the tokens in equal ratio (50% SENATE and 50% SIDUS) on all platforms, at a set price of $0.18 for the SENATE and $0.0018 for the SIDUS. Each platform has its own procedure and native tokens. You’ll need to check them out individually and choose the one that works best for you.

Host: You didn’t mention it, but SIDUS is backed by the best of the crypto industry.

Anthony: You are absolutely right ;)

Host: We can’t wait. It will certainly be a worldwide success 🚀

You should absolutely try your best to get into SIDUS IGO. If not, you can try to grab it when the project lists.


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