AMA Recap with Moo Monster

Host: Let’s start this AMA by letting you introduce yourself and the Moo Monster Team.

What’s your background in crypto and how many people are behind the project?

Host: Amazing team and furthermore public team always reassures you in my opinion!

Can you give us a short introduction of the project? What are the main features of Moo Monster?

Host: Nice, app is already on Play Store and App Store?

Host: Can’t wait!

Let’s deep dive into Moo Monster. How does the game work? Users can play for free but there are two different mechanisms to create economic benefits for gamers. Adventure (PVE) and Battle against player (PVP). Can you explain it in more detail? 🎮

Host: Oh wow #metaverse vibes 🔥

Let’s talk about NFT that is another trending term in the last months 🌶 You have a wide variety of NFTs in the game: lands, equipment, cards, monsters. How do you interact with them in the game?

Host: True, it’s a good attraction for people that are not very familiar with blockchain and crypto!

Let’s talk about Farming 👨‍🌾 I read you have also implemented a sophisticated mechanism for Moo monster NFT staking. Can you explain it?

Host: Sure, feel free to share links

Can you tell us more about Game’s economy? And in more detail, how about the two tokens Moo Token ($MOO) and Golden Piggy Coin ($GPC). What is their role in the game ecosystem?

Host: So $GPC will be the token rewarded in game?

While $MOO you will use to buy NFT and stuff

Host: Can you tell us about your roadmap, partnership and your backers?

Host: Great! There are good partnerships and notable ones too! Well done 🤝

Now a little recap for your sale before opening the chat for community questions. When and where your IDO will be held? Any whitelist competition still up?

Ok so GameStarter, TrustPad, BinStarter and NFTPad! Amazing, all reputable launchpads!



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