AMA Recap with Meland

Host: Today we have the Chief Game designer of, glad to have you here at GEM Detectors!

Host: Let’s start this AMA by letting you introduce yourself and the World Team. What’s your background in crypto and how many people are behind the project?

Host: Very interesting background and experience

Your core development team should also be very varied considering the complexity of the game and graphics and code development

Can you give us a short introduction of the project? What are the main features of World?

Host: Let’s deep dive into 🕵️

How the game will work? Users can play for free but there is also a mechanism to create economic benefits for gamers.

Can you explain how Learn to Earn and Play to Earn work together?

Host: Excellent gameplay. Once you are in the game it’s very easy and intuitive!!!

Host: Can you tell us more about Game’s economy? And in more detail, how about the two tokens Ditamin (Digital Vitamin) and Meland Token ( $MELD ) What is their role in the game ecosystem?

Host: Very interesting tokenomics!
This pic can help to better understand

Host: Buying virtual lands and properties is all the hype right now, how will this be applied within your game?

Host: NFT // Gaming ecosystem // Play to Earn model

All those combined together are an incredible mix

Can you tell us about your roadmap, partnership and your backers?

Host: So impressive !!! The best of the crypto industry

Host: When and where your IDO will be held?

Host: Impatient to participate… It can only be a great success 👏



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