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Host: let’s start this AMA on GEM Detectors 💎

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Host: Today we have the Chief Game designer of, glad to have you here at GEM Detectors!

Siriuswong: Hello

Host: Let’s start this AMA by letting you introduce yourself and the World Team. What’s your background in crypto and how many people are behind the project?

Siriuswong: Hello every one, I am Sirius, chief game designer of😄

I have been interested in blockchain technology as early as high school.

Coincidentally, after graduating from university, the game design work I have been engaged in are all related to the Metaverse, such as vr games, sandbox games, and educational games.

After working in the traditional game industry for 5 years, I joined

About the team:
Our team was founded in 2018. We are a 15-person game dev team from Singapore and Hong Kong.

We started to build in 2020 and have been developing it for a year and a half.

Host: Very interesting background and experience

Your core development team should also be very varied considering the complexity of the game and graphics and code development

Can you give us a short introduction of the project? What are the main features of World?

Siriuswong: In short term: Learn-to-Earn MMORPG

The long is the first Learn-to-Earn MMORP decentralized platform where players can challenge quizzes, create quizzes, build, own and monetize their gameing experience in the blockchain using MELD, the platform’s utility token.

Host: Let’s deep dive into 🕵️

How the game will work? Users can play for free but there is also a mechanism to create economic benefits for gamers.

Can you explain how Learn to Earn and Play to Earn work together?

Siriuswong: That is truly deep😎

In Meland, players need to challenge quizzes to occupy more and more land.

In this process, the in-game currency Ditamin that can be exchanged for MELD will be given to the player as a reward for answering the question.

Users accumulate knowledge in the process of answering questiongs, and only by learning more can they earn more.

We integrate learning into play, and use learning as the core experience of the game.

Players learn by playing and play while learning to achieve the integration of Learn-to-earn and Play-to-Earn.

Host: Excellent gameplay. Once you are in the game it’s very easy and intuitive!!!

Siriuswong: Yes it is!

Host: Can you tell us more about Game’s economy? And in more detail, how about the two tokens Ditamin (Digital Vitamin) and Meland Token ( $MELD ) What is their role in the game ecosystem?

Siriuswong:I am so glad to talk about economy.

As I mentioned in the last answer, Ditamin is our in-game currency, which serves as the reward token for most of the Play and Learn behaviors in the game.

MELD is our crypto currency, which can be used to trade various NFT assets in the game, and ti is also the governance token of our community.

We have designed an exchange formula based on the dynamic change of the total amount of Ditamin output.

Players can exchange their Ditamin and MELD with each other based on the exchange rate obtained by this formula.

Host: Very interesting tokenomics!
This pic can help to better understand

Siriuswong: Thanks for sharing.

Host: Buying virtual lands and properties is all the hype right now, how will this be applied within your game?

Siriuswong: The lands in Meland are deeply integrated into the game itself.

Players must own NFT land to start challenging quizzes and occupying land.

Players can place NFTs on their land to increase rewards for answering questiongs or use them for defence.

VIP land can also allow players to place portals, allowing others to enter the world built by the owner.

We believe that the above designs can make land have actual value, rather than pure hype.

We will continue to work hard to buring more long-term value to Meland.

Host: NFT // Gaming ecosystem // Play to Earn model

All those combined together are an incredible mix

Can you tell us about your roadmap, partnership and your backers?

Siriuswong: In the next few months, we will focus on the following tasks:

Cross chain feature

In game exchange

NFT lands

Editor beta release

These are recorded on our roadmap :

We have reached cooperation with three launch pads, BinStarter, Poolz, and BSCStation.

We have reached cooperation with several powerful investment institutions, such as X21, Panda Capital, AU21, etc.

We are also honored to invite Mr.Orion Depp to join our distinguished advisory group.

Host: So impressive !!! The best of the crypto industry

Siriuswong: Thank you☺️

Host: When and where your IDO will be held?

Siriuswong: IDO will launch on BinStarter and BSCStation on December 6.
It will be launched at Poolz on December 7.

Host: Impatient to participate… It can only be a great success 👏

Siriuswong: We are working on it.


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