AMA Recap with Last Survivor

Host: Today we have Ms. Sam, Co-founder and CMO for Last Survivor welcome to Gem Detectors!

Host: Sure it will be !

Let’s start this AMA! Can you introduce about Last Survivor and the key features?

Host: Yes, NFT and gamefi are the main trends right now

Host: All reputable launchpads!

What is the gameplay of Last Survivor? Do you have a sneak peek?

Host: Very nice! 🔥

Host: How users can earn tokens in Last Survivor? You said it’s free to earn game

Host: Awesome

How much is the average price for buying NFT in Last Survivor?

Host: There will be also a marketplace for users to sell and buy those NFT?

Host: Super 🌶

What about partnerships and investors?

Host: Huge backers, I also see the audit from Verichains, very well ✅

Host: Last question before opening chat: can you share about the achievement and future roadmap and your plan after IDO?

Host: Mark your calendars guys ⏰

Host: That’s a super smart idea, Twitch has big streamers.



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