AMA Recap with CryptoVsZombie

Host: Today we have Mr. Silver, the co-founder for Crypto Vs Zombie

Host: Glad to have you here at GEM Detectors! ❀️

Host: Sure, we will!

Let’s start this AMA on GEM Detectors πŸ’Ž

Host: What kind of a team is building CryptoVsZombie and perhaps if you could touch a bit on your backgrounds in general as well?

Host: I see this project has a superb team with a lot of experience both in-game industry and the crypto world.

I like your motto, and yes this is the right attitude

Can you give an overview of your awesome project, CryptoVsZombie. What is it about and what are you visioning for the future with it?

Host: Oh yes, gaming economies are the future, and they will happen on blockchains πŸ”—

How would the gameplay be within the game? I mean what kind of things could we do there? It’s play-to-earn as well, right?

Host: CryptoVsZombie is one of the innovative platforms adopting the concept of compete-to-earn, offering a new way to approach gaming as a lucrative and income-generating activity

When would the game itself be live?

Host: Ok I see

Why did you decide to go with BSC as the underlying blockchain btw?

Host: Let’s talk about Economics.

How about the CVZ tokens? What kind of utility would they serve within your ecosystem?

As an economic medium to buy those assets I assume at least? What else could we do with the tokens?

Host: OK very easy and intuitive even at the first glance

Let’s deep dive into the game

Host: Your multiplayer games pivots it’s focus on in-game assets, do you think by using Blockchain it could solve a number of related problems: eliminating fraudulent items, creating scarcity, and incentivizing more purchases by making items transferable across games?

Host: We have a question about multiplayer mode.

You are organizing some tournaments in your game. Would those be single-player and some score-based or would there be a possibility to play directly player versus player in some live format?

Host: So, we come to our last question

Where can I trade CVZ tokens? Can you give me the actual contract address? Do you have any plans to add NFT to the CryptoVsZombie ecosystem, as NFT is the hottest topic in the crypto space?

Host: NFTs are so hot, people are spending a lot of money to get in on this trend



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