AMA Recap with Astro Hounds

Welcome to the Astro Hounds Live AMA with GEM Detectors, we would like to thank everyone who attended the live session, well this is a recap of the Live AMA session we had with Astro Hounds.

Round 1 : Live session with Team GD

Aryan|TGH@GEMDetectors : Lets start off this AMA to give the audience a brief description of what Astro Hounds actually is, and what are Astro Hounds team aiming to achieve ?

Eleanor/Founder@AstroHounds : Astro Hounds is a dog racing metaverse 🏁A sport that’s all about edge, the edge of danger, the edge of chaos, even the edge of death. But the real edge is that you can race with your very own dog. We use Augmented reality to do this 🐶Or you can race with one of the NFT astro hounds that we create for you. There are 4 racing leagues. The only way to move up the ranks is to win more races with your astro hound and secure your position on the leaderboard.Train your hounds to level up with short mini games. Each racing arena is different: fire, ice, storm you name it, we have it. The astro hounds must be able to compete in them all if they are to win the league. The higher the league, the more $HOUND to be made. This is our platform currency, fuelling the entire metaverse 💰You can also participate in races by betting on the race outcome, offering a second stream of $HOUND and a new form of fun. Lastly, the astro Hound nfts are breedable. You can breed 2 highly trained famous racehounds to produce offspring that are already set to be a total winner 🏆

Aryan|TGH@GEMDetectors : Can you share some information about the team behind Astro Hounds, what your backgrounds are? What is your previous experience?

Eleanor/Founder@AstroHounds : My name is Eleanor and I am the founder of Astro Hounds.I worked in traditional finance, Credit Suisse, Bloomberg and other tier 1 institutions across Europe. Then I became an entrepreneur, building my own products and teams. Fun fact, if you have ever seen the voting bins in Berlin — that was my design pitched and sold to the German government, spreading to other major cities all over the world.My team are even more talented, we have artists from Disney and Amazon prime video leading this team. We have game designers who have spent years building games into web3 and who deeply understand the gaming industry. Our CTO has 7 years experience in blockchain. Our game strategists comes from EA.

Aryan|TGH@GEMDetectors : Let’s take a more in-depth look at the platform itself, can you tell us about your overall mission and vision? How is Astro Hounds interactive?

Eleanor/Founder@AstroHounds : At Astro Hounds, our primary mission is to entertain the world. If we succeed, there is more engagement, more excitement, and more joy for everyone 🎉We do this by reviving dog racing with breathtaking speed and exhilaration. Our AAA graphics and fantasy environments mix together to offer sheer excitement and adrenaline for everyone to enjoy. Most importantly, with mans best friend 🐶Our secondary mission is to remove financial barriers to gameplay and offer players the chance to earn money, no matter their background. We would like to financially and emotionally empower individuals across the globe to make a difference to their lives. That’s why, as we continue to build the metaverse out, we are working towards a decentralized model in which the Hounders community will gain control over the metaverse, voting on and making key decisions for astro hounds and its future. This will make it more interactive and more innovative 🙌The biggest interaction will be from the AR/ VR integration we are working towards, scanning and uploading your own dog and also observing the races with headsets to see the races up close.

Aryan|TGH@GEMDetectors : Can you tell us about the roles of $HOUND token in the Astro Hound ecosystem,and the killer features of the $HOUND token? How can traders earn from Astro Hound platform?

Eleanor/Founder@AstroHounds : $HOUND is our platform currency, it fuels all transactions in and out of our intergalactic ecosystem in the stars ✨Players are rewarded in $HOUND, and they also make payments (such as NFTs) in $HOUND 💰Therefore, it is simple and effective.However, giong forwards, $HOUND will also be staked for governance control. Players can join the racing DAO and vote on key decisions across the astro metaverse, slowly moving into a decentralised playform in which the players have their say — using $HOUND to do so.

Aryan|TGH@GEMDetectors : We like to finish this part of the AMA session by looking at what is happening in the near term. Could you please provide us next plans or milestones on the roadmap!

Eleanor/Founder@AstroHounds : Going forwards we would like our races to be televised, shown all over the world just like formula 1.This also opens up the opportunity for sponsorship of your NFT racehound from real life brands, putting their brand logo onto your race hound jacket or collar. Then we would like to build new games on top, expanding our petaverse even further beyond just dog racing. We would like to be the first true petaverse immersive game experience in the world — we are starting with dog racing but we will not end there. In the direct future, we will be releasing our game trailer and our game demo, I would like to leave you with a short animated clip we have made which demonstrates the Ice racing arena.

Round 2 : Twitter Questions

  1. To what extent does AstroHounds prioritize the value of gaming entertainment?What safeguards are in place to ensure that the game is suitable for everyone, even noncrypto users?and can you tell us what are the steps we have to complete to use your platform especially for playing?

Eleanor/Founder@AstroHounds : This begins with our mindset. We are a play and earn platform, not a play to earn. That means that our focus is to provide an exciting and fast paced game, that also enables you to earn money in the process. By taking this approach, we know that we will stand out.Most games are not focused on providing value before they think about the financial gains. More specifically, the game itself is for everyone. We offer the chance to scan and upload your own dog into the metaverse. This is what makes us truly a metaverse and not only a game. We blur the line between reality and fantasy, offering next level innovative game play. There are dog lovers all over the world, and racing lovers all over the world: this is really not a game just for crypto enthusiats. Going forwards, we would love to integrate other ways of involving other pets also in other mini games, so that astro hounds can become a true petaverse, with cats and rabbits and horses maybe… 👀

2. It caught my attention that Astro Hounds is built on the TERRA network, could you explain why you decided to build your project on this network? What benefits will it bring unlike other networks such as BSC or ETH?

Eleanor/Founder@AstroHounds : We get asked this a lot.There are many reasons that we decided to build on Terra: 1) It is a reliable chain that has withstood bear days and stayed strong. I am a serious believe in LUNA and UST. 2) The lunatics community is strong and growing everyday. We know that they would love to see a game like this, because right now there are not very many terra based games. 3) Terra is cheap and fast, with 10,000 tps. 4) It is non collatoralised meaning that it can grow indefinitely. 5) Terra is built onto the cosmos chain, which means that we benefit from the cosmos SKD to deploy smart contracts, as well as proof of stake mechanism. Astro hounds cna therefore benefit from these smart contractrs and implement them across the entire metaverse system.

3. Tell us a little about the role of $HOUND tokens and project within the entire ecosystem. Will it act as a simple payment currency on all your products? Or will its holders have some sort of benefit or vote in the project decisions?

Eleanor/Founder@AstroHounds : $HOUND is a platform currency, you make purchases in HOUND and you are also rewarded in HOUND whenever you win.$HOUND has a lot of use cases: it can be used to make purchases of NFT items in the game such as racing accessories for the dog, NFT lands, breeding potion and healing potion.As I mentioned earlier, we have a simple but effective economy in which HOUND acts both as a currency but also as a governance token (through a staggered staking system which does not change the value of HOUND as a platform fuel).Therefore, HOUND can also be used to stake by way of voting on key decisions for the platform and also governance. Going forwards, we will work towards a decentralised system and HOUND will help us with that.

4. As we all know there are a lot of NFT projects out there in the crypto space, what’s different about NFT Hounds that makes it withstand the market?

Eleanor/Founder@AstroHounds : The answer to this is very simple:The game is built of thrill and excitement. We are unleashing the greatest racing spectacle of the universe.We are developing our game with AAA graphics to give everything a photo real finish.All race tracks are different, providing different challnges but also bringing about visual stimulation: look at fire arenas bursting with flames, desert arenas blasting with sandstorms 🔥❄️🌪We make our game relatable for everyone because everyone loves dogs and everyone loves racing, and the graphics are high quality and the fantasy backdrop of the game makes it almost a movie.

5. Do you have an ambassador program avaliable? If yes, how can I join it? And can you tell us what the benefits are avaliable for the ambassador?

Eleanor/Founder@AstroHounds : Yes we do!Community members who join astro hounds discord community will benefit from:OG roles in discord, we still have 10 roles to give out! 👾Rewards for active engagement 🏆Prizes and $$$ for entering competitions 💰and most importantly, the ability to join the astro hound team itself with the ambassador program and make active decisions on the platform 🎉.Join our discord👉🏻

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